Parent of Praise, Nursery Three

Parent of Praise, Nursery Three: “Praise God Madam Irene. We thank God for Jorene Academy. I have seen much improvement with my son regarding writing and speaking English. I had tried to do coaching for him to be what he is now but I failed. Ever since he joined Jorene Academy, he is a new […]

Teacher at Jorene Academy

Teacher at Jorene Academy: “I am blessed, honored, and humbled to work under your Jorene Academy currently has 3 school vans that pick up and drop our learners from their homes. The transport fees are dependent on the location of the child’s home. Details can be obtained from the front office at the school.

Parent’s comment on Assembly sessions

Parent’s comment on Assembly sessions: “My eyes are watery with tears of joy from the video you shared with us this morning. You have made us proud of our decisions to entrust you with our little ones. Good job. And thank you to all teachers.” Mummy Elma.  

Parent of Hezekiah, Nursery Three:

From the Parent of Hezekiah, Nursery Three: “Thank you for this morning’s broadcast. I am happy to see the class monitor presenting on the assembly. He must have been looking forward to the presentation. We have had to make an assembly every time he comes back home so he can address us. Thank you to […]

Former student, Bagonza Alex

Former student, Bagonza Alex: “Am so grateful for how you cared and how you were very approachable. All in all, I thank you for coming up with Jorene Academy, I think those kids are receiving the best of the best.”    

From Mummy Abigail

Naye Mukama, To God be the Glory. Abigail has been answering questions about a story and I like, Oh my God! Tweyanziza nyoo… meaning “Thank you so much.”

Former student comment

The former students commented when the director posted. I was born a teacher. My purpose on earth is to love, pray, teach, and mentor the little ones at Jorene Academy. Student comment: I love the smile, the good spirit in you will surely follow the children who go through your hands. I am blessed to […]

From Well-wisher

Well-wisher responded to website photos: “Is this child studying in America or because she looks so smart and happy which is very impossible in Uganda nowadays? I thought you had shipped her to America because that smartness does not exist here in Uganda. Anyways, she looks smart, and thumbs up!